Five steps of rope mesh green wall

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Five steps for rope mesh green wall:

Step 1 style determination

When making indoor rope mesh green wall, we should first determine the style of the rope mesh green wall. Determine the area size and the number of green plants according to the style. For example, the area of green plants with simple style is smaller, the number of green plants is less, and the fixed points are less. If it is a large area style of more than 5 m2, the bearing capacity of the wall and the number of green plants need to be confirmed one by one.

Step 2 waterproof work

Waterproofing is the most important step in the indoor rope mesh green wall. Many people do not do enough waterproofing, which eventually causes water penetration and endangers the health of their families. At present, modular products do not need to be waterproof, but the price is high. The non-woven process is cheap, but it needs to do a lot of waterproof work, and it needs to do waterproof again in 3-5 years. Therefore, in step 2, we generally recommend modular products. Our "Xiugen" rope mesh green wall uses self-developed plant module, which has the advantages of automatic watering, energy saving, WiFi process control and so on.

Step 3 irrigation system

The traditional rope mesh green wall mostly chooses one-way drip irrigation technology, which has a lot of outlet holes, and the emitter is easy to block after a long time, so it is difficult to check, and plants are prone to problems. Therefore, when building indoor rope mesh green wall, choosing modular planting box can not only realize automatic water circulation irrigation, but also is not easy to have problems, even if there are problems, it is easy to check in time.

Step 4 green plant selection

Many people will choose green plants according to their own preferences, but as a professional green rope mesh green wall manufacturer, it is not recommended to do so. The green plants of indoor rope mesh green wall should be adaptable, easy to feed and take care of, such as mallow, ivy, duck foot wood, etc. Do not pursue good-looking, choose green plants that can not adapt to the local climate, such as planting fortune tree in Northeast China.

Step 5: plant lighting

Plant lighting is a link that many manufacturers easily ignore when building indoor rope mesh green wall. In fact, plant lighting is a very important link for indoor rope mesh green wall. Even though some plants prefer shade, considering the plant varieties on the whole rope mesh green wall, it is very necessary to select appropriate vegetation light supplement. The specific light supplement intensity of plants should be comprehensively considered in combination with the actual selected plants and the light conditions on site, which is very related to the experience of the manufacturer of rope mesh green wall.

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