Steps and methods of stainless steel knotted rope mesh

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Steps and methods of stainless steel knotted rope mesh:

1. Selection of specification and type of sling when selecting the specification of sling, the size, weight, shape of the load to be lifted and the method of lifting to be adopted must be considered in the calculation. The requirements of the ultimate working force given, the working environment and the type of load must be considered. It is necessary to select the appropriate length of sling which has enough capacity and can meet the use mode. If more than one sling is used to lift the load at the same time, the same type of sling must be selected; The raw materials of the flat sling shall not be affected by the environment or load.

2. When using the flat sling with soft lifting lug, the minimum length of lifting lug used shall not be less than 3.5 times of the maximum thickness of the hook in contact with the lifting lug, and the movable angle of the lifting lug shall not exceed 20 ° When connecting the sling with soft lifting lug and lifting appliance, the contact part between the sling and lifting appliance must be continuous, unless the axial width of the sling does not exceed 75mm, and the bending radius of the lifting accessory must be at least 0.75 times of the axial width of the sling. 3. Follow good hoisting experience and plan hoisting and light operation plan before hoisting. Whether accessories or soft lifting lug are needed or not, the matching of the end section of the sling with auxiliary accessories and lifting equipment must be carefully considered. For example: the radius of the sling on the cargo hook is at least 0.75 times of the axial width of the sling. The width of the fabric may be affected by the radius of the inner part of the cargo hook, and the curvature of the cargo hook will hinder the balance of the strength in the width range of the fabric. It is strictly forbidden to overload the sling. The correct mode coefficient must be used. The mode of limiting working force may have been given on the label. The maximum angle of multiple combined sling and vertical direction shall not be exceeded.

4. When lifting, the correct use of sling connection, sling in a safe way, the correct placement, connection load, must be placed on the load sling, so that the load can balance the role of the width of the sling; Never knot or twist the sling. The stitched part of the sling should not be placed on the hook or lifting equipment, and should always be placed on the vertical part of the sling to prevent the tag from being damaged by keeping away from the load, hook and locking angle.

5. The evaluation of the ultimate working force of the multiple combined sling depends on the symmetry of the load on the combined sling, that is, when lifting, the branches of the sling are symmetrically and evenly distributed according to the design and have the same vertical angle. 3. If the branch of combined sling can not bear uniform force according to the design, and the maximum strength is on one branch, it will be the sum of the maximum bearing force of the branch near the design angle. The same result will be included in 4 combined sling if it is not a rigid load. Note: for rigid loads, most of the gravity may be supported by three or even two of them, and the remaining one only protects the load balance

6. When lifting, the protection of the sling should be far away from the sharp edge, friction and wear. Whether it is far away from the load or lifting appliances, the appropriate part of the sling should be strengthened and protected from the damage of the sharp edge and wear. It is necessary to strengthen the necessary additional protection.

7. Ensure the load balance when lifting. In the process of lifting, the sling must be used in a safe way, and the load shall not tilt or slide from the sling; The sling must be arranged above the center of gravity of the load and the lifting point to make the load balanced and stable. If the center of gravity of the load is not below the lifting point, the sling in motion may cross the lifting point. Cause danger.

8. If the basket crane is used as the hoisting method of the sling, the load safety can be ensured, because there is no locking behavior like the lock crane, and the sling can turn over and pass through the lifting point. It is recommended that two slings be used together. The limb suspension of the sling should be as vertical as possible, which is conducive to ensuring the equal sharing of the load among the branches. When the flat sling is locked, it should be allowed to place the natural angle (120 °) In order to avoid the heat generated by friction, the sling is not forced to be in a strong position, and it does not attempt to make a tight clamp. The correct safe way is to double lock the sling. Double locking crane ensures safety and prevents the load from slipping from the sling.



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