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For ceiling projects that need something better than basic ceiling tile, perforated metal panels are a great choice. When your ceiling calls for a combination of durability and innovative aesthetics, consider perforated metal. And when your project requires that thousands of panels must match up without error in the ceiling architecture, Accurate Perforating can complete the project flawlessly. Our perforated metal panels are used for ceilings in hospitals, government buildings, airports, transportation facilities and all types of large architectural projects.

Accurate offers perforated metal ceiling panels with unique design options, including:

· Graphics, images and text options

· Margin options (end margins, side and interior margins)

· Material options (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum)

· Any desired perforation and hole size pattern

· Variable perforation options (for ventilation and lighting)

· Choice of finishes (anodizing, powder coating, plating, painting)

Perforated Metal Security Ceilings

Perforated metal is the material of choice when you need superior strength and flexibility of design — all in one solution. Perforated metal security ceilings provide a strong physical barrier that also meets unique features vital to several industries.

Jails, prisons, and correctional facilities must be built from materials with a proven track record for strength. Our perforated metal security ceilings are designed to provide a tamper-resistant physical barrier that installs easily and securely. We work with engineers, contractors and suppliers to provide ceiling systems for these industries, offering the largest sizing selection available in two primary models:

· Plank ceilings for medium- to high-security locations feature overlapping metal planks for a tamper-proof solution.

· Panel ceilings for minimum- to medium-security facilities feature a concealed locking system.

Design options for perforated metal security ceilings allow you to meet a number of industry requirements:

· Proper ventilation and air flow to meet health and sanitation requirements

· Optimal acoustics for environmental noise reduction

· Washable, baked-on enamel finish for easy cleaning

· Ease of installation via instructions and pre-numbered parts

· Aesthetically attractive ceiling


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