Building Wire Meshes

Construction mesh made from low carbon steel wire rods, which undergo a cold-rolling and straightening process, and then arranged vertically in proper spacing in the welding equipment both at line wires and at cross wires ,and joint together by mean of electric resistance spot-welding(also directly welded with hot-rolled wire rods ), turning into steel fabric mesh sheets.

The Construction mesh has the following advantages over the reinforcing steel bar bundled by hand:
1.Insurance of Project Quality: great hardness, good elasticity, uniformity spacing, high welding strength, hard to deform by trample, easy to control the protect coat of concrete.
2.Improving working efficiency: can save workers 50% and save construction time by 50%-70%.
3.Enhancement of Anti-Cracking of concrete: crack reduction by more than 75%.
4.Saving wire rods: can save wire rods by over than 25% the traditional bundled steel bar.
5.Cut-Down of Cost: Decrease project cost.