Building Wire Meshes

Wire Mesh for Helideck

Helideck mesh can be made from stainless steel wire meshes, galvanized wire meshes, PVC coated wire meshes and cable meshes, all of them are corrosion resistant and have long service life.

Helideck Mesh is a steel safety net system specifically manufactured for the perimeter structure of helideck, but it is not suitable for the application of anti-skid helicopter landing deck mesh.


The material of helideck mesh:

Stainless steel wire materials like 304, 304L, 316, and 316L. Those materials are highly corrosion resistant,

 acid and alkali resistant, wear resistant and have high tensile strength and long service life. 

Therefore, they are mainly applied to the offshore helidecks.

Galvanized wire material, and this material is mainly used for normal helideck application.

The types of helideck mesh:

Chain link mesh

A hand hold a part of stainless steel chain link mesh, which has bright surface and pretty structure.A part of the PVC coated chain link mesh with safe ends.

Cable mesh

A part of the cable mesh without ferrules, just the cable wires go through each other.A part of the cable mesh with ferrules to joint cable wires together.


Wire diameter: 1mm - 4mm.

Mesh size (W × H): 25 × 40mm - 200 × 350mm.

Surface treatment: PVC coated, galvanized, no surface treatment

Roll size: customized are also available.


High pressure resistant

Easily assembled

Eco friendly

Durable and corrosion resistant

Long service life


A Corner of the helideck mesh with chain link wire mesh bonded to the steel frameA part of the helideck mesh with cable mesh bonded to the steel frame.